We are confident that we can ensure timely and quality service.

Our best promotion is based on the obtained results, because they allow us to continue in the search for new customers and the opening of new markets, always from the perspective of what our customers is something invaluable: service, quality and price.

The products we manufacture are: magazines, catalogs, manuals, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, triptychs, diptychs, posters, flyers, displays, stoppers, danglers, stickers, valances, institutional stationary and more.



Plates are processed straight from the computer with our CTP AGFA equipment that is connected to the press through a CIP3 interconnection. Color proofs produced in our EPSON plotter meet the GRACoL standard and are an excellent visual simulation. In order to speed up work flow, we have a software for automatic exposure from PDFs.


FAGSA’s installed capacity includes 23 printing units. They have capacity to print in up to 72 x 102 cm format at speeds of up to 13,000 sheets per hour. We are the only printer in northern Mexico with the capacity to print both faces of a sheet in a single pass, with our 9- and 10-unit Heidelberg equipment. We work under the GRACoL methodology. Densitometry and Spectrophotometry are automatically controlled through use of Image Control.



We have two automatically feed units with capacity to fold sheets of up to 82 x 125 cm. Window folding accessory

UV Varnish

Bright and mate UV varnish. Up to 61 x 72 cm format.


Equipment with 155 cm span, programmable for automatic cuts.

Staple Binding

Six-station equipment plus cover feeder with in-line stapling and three-side trimming.


Bright, mate and peach lamination. Automatic feeder. Up to 72 x 102 cm format.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink-wrapping of books, catalogues, magazines or any other material.

Hotmelt Binding

Equipment for spine binding with 9 clamps and 16 stations. In-line lifting, binding and three-side trimming.

Die Cutting

Equipment for die-cutting in up to 64 x 89 cm format.


Application of metal wire-o and plastic spiral.